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Microsoft 365 Business Premium Features Guide

Microsoft 365 Business Premium - Features Guide

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium - Features Guide

Your IT Experts & Partners

What should you expect from this guide?

In this guide you'll discover:

This guide is written for business owners who have responsibility for ensuring the safety and protection of organisational and customer data, particularly as 60% of small businesses don't feel prepared for cyber attacks¹. Specifically, this guide looks at the challenges and limitations we hear from customers with their security capabilities, and how we help overcome them.

What to expect from Microsoft 365 Business Premium

The most common cyber threats facing small to medium sized businesses

The reasons why Business Premium may be the right choice for your company

How Kick's team of experts can fully manage, integrate and support your Business Premium upgrade



Microsoft 365 Business Premium - Features Guide

Your IT Experts & Partners

What should I expect from Business Premium?

Microsoft 365 Business Premium combines the best-in-class Office applications and cloud services with a comprehensive security system, to protect your business from advanced cyber threats.

Put simply, Business Premium goes beyond by offering:

At Kick, we have vast experience of implementing Microsoft solutions within small to medium enterprises. Likewise, we can ensure a smooth upgrade of existing systems to satisfy your business' requirements whilst providing the extra peace of mind that your data is protected against all threats.

Sophisticated protection from hidden external threats, ransomware and malware with Microsoft Defender

Remote access to wipe and protect data in event of loss or theft with Intune


Azure Information Protection


We are experts. We have over 300 years of product expertise across our project management, consultation and support teams, providing Microsoft solutions to over 10,000 users.

PC and mobile device management, using simple

automatic processes to configure security settings and protect data

Conditional Access

Windows Virtual Desktop


Microsoft 365 Business Premium - Features Guide

Your IT Experts & Partners

Common cyber threats facing businesses

1/ Malware

Malware consists of viruses, spyware and other malicious software which can compromise the internal security of your data. Once corrupted, malware can introduce other harmful attacks to your service system and requires a preventative and detective control system.

Two-thirds of small to medium sized businesses with under 1,000 employees have been targeted, and 58% of those have reported being breached².

2/ Phishing attacks

Microsoft Business Premium's Intelligent Security detects new cyber attacks every second, adding worldwide protection each time it identifies a new threat. The solution? Proactive and comprehensive cloud-based protection

A phishing attack originates from emails and attempts to steal sensitive information in messages that appear to be from legitimate or trusted senders.

3/ Email Compromisation

As over 90% of phishing attacks start with an email, Business Premium's AI powered security checks links at the time of click, whilst scanning for email impersonation and opening attachments in a virtual environment².

4/ Ransomware

A complex attack that encrypts your data and demands payment to decrypt it, which almost always starts out in phishing emails.



Microsoft 365 Business Premium - Features Guide

Your IT Experts & Partners

1/ Do you require real-time collaboration between your employees? You can communicate and collaborate effortlessly with Microsoft Teams, using chats, online meetings and file sharing. 2/ Are you currently operating with some employees working from home? Business Premium uses advanced multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access protects your organisational data from unauthorised access whilst remote staff work out of office. 3/ Are you vulnerable to phishing attacks and ransomware? Business Premium uses real-time Artificial Intelligence powered malware scanning to search for potentially harmful attacks from email attachments, shared documents and links. Anti-spoofing technologies help defend against impersonation and prevents unathorised apps and scripts from accessing files. 4/ Do you hold sensitive employee and customer information? Sensitive data, such as credit card details, can be safeguarded using Business Premium's information protection capabilities to encrypt confidential data. 5/ Do your employees have access to work information on personal devices? Business Premium can prevent confidential files from being saved to unsecure personal locations, whilst mobile app protection policies help keep work and personal apps separate. Remote wiping is also increasingly necessary for departing staff.

Is Business Premium the right choice for your company?

The business landscape is constantly evolving and alongside it cyber threats are modernising, which is particularly affecting businesses with remote employees. Decision-makers should ask themselves the following questions. If any situation resonates with your company, then 365 Business Premium is likely to be a good fit to improve efficiencies and drive value, whilst ensuring that company data is protected from cyber threats and attacks.


Microsoft 365 Business Premium - Features Guide

Your IT Experts & Partners

Why Kick for Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

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We work with the best. As a provider of Microsoft products for over 30 years, we maintain a near unrivalled experience in deploying the full spectrum of applications to enhance your business. Accreditations We have the badges. As a leading UK reseller of Microsoft applications we maintain Microsoft Gold and Silver accreditations, meaning that you can trust in our expertise.

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Providing Microsoft applications


Microsoft 365 Business Premium - Features Guide

Your IT Experts & Partners

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